A long time ago , in a distant land, a group of friendly guys put themselves at the service of a great cinema mage, to together create a music at their image : unheard , joyful and colorful.
Fruit of their dreams, their experiences, or their respective influences ; step by step, day by day, song by song, they created their own music; Improbable mix of country rhythms, Turkish marches, Italian classical, gypsy trumpets, South American sounds, techno-pop loops, musette, Balkan base-punk, kolo, gypsy tradition... UNZA UNZA was born.
After two and a half decades of travel, countless concerts given on the most prestigious stages around the world, their spiritual leader, decided to add a new masterpiece to his already very rich cinematographic work. Understanding that he had to devote himself entirely to it, he decided to leave band, for a while. So with the blessing of the “boss”, the group decided to extend the journey and continue to carry the flame of this very specific music. Driven by the same idea, their enormous experience and their insatiable appetite for music, the band, joined on vocals by Alexandar Bojovic, now becomes:

On the program, new compositions, Balkan standards, but also, and always, music from their favorite film director's movies.
Upcoming concerts:
2024 Avril
26/04 Balkan Trafik! / Bruxelles (B)
28/04 Welcome in Tziganie/ Seissan (FR)

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